Arsenal’s ‘Player of the First Few Months’ award goes to…


With the coming weekend dedicated to an England international, club football has, as ever, immediately become old news and instead radio chit-chat will for the time-being centre around Fabio’s striker dilemma or in which formation he will assemble his team of back-ups’ back-ups. I have taken it upon myself therefore to divert the nation’s attention back to Arsenal’s scintillating start to this 09-10 campaign with a shortlist of my potential ‘Player of the First Few Months’. Although this may seem as if I’m counting my chickens before they’ve even begun to wriggle inside their shells, The Gunner’s start to the season has taken me completely by surprise and I’m determined to milk it while it lasts, which probably won’t be for that long.

First up is Captain fantastic- Cesc Fàbregas. Although he isn’t exactly a fantastic captain, he is the man who dons the holly armband whilst being utterly fabulous, so my merging of the two terms must be excused. Despite a relatively slow start to the season, to date, Cesc is our top scorer and outstanding performer. His attacking prowess has been developing steadily throughout the season, and a return of 9 goals in 15 appearances isn’t half bad for a man who has been criticised in recent years for not having the desired end product. His performance against Spurs in particular stood out and, if he continues in this rich vein of form, he will need to be granted with a nice shiny trophy (other than the Emirates Cup) come the end of the season in order to thwart the advances of F.C Barcelona and their many millions.


My next candidate and personal award winner is Alexandre Song Billong. Song’s importance to the team has become critical this season and his ability to sit in front of the back four and break up opposition attacks has been key to our success. Despite previous queries regarding his long term potential at the club, Song has risen above any criticisms to become a permanent fixture in the Arsenal set-up. For me, Song is Wenger’s first name on the Arsenal team sheet, and possibly the only man in the first eleven who cannot and will not be replaced. This problem will be examined when he jets off to Angola for the African Cup of Nations in January. Whilst Chelsea will certainly miss their African quartet of Essien, Mikel, Drogba and Kalou, Song’s loss will be a massive blow to our title chances, and Denílson certainly faces a tough task if he is to fill his gigantic shoes. Song’s strength and mature awareness for such a young man has created a beautifully solid platform from which Arshavin, Fàbregas, Diaby and Van Persie can build their creative attacking displays. On top of this, Song’s presence has seemed to stifle, if only temporarily, the ongoing calls for a holding midfield brute to help us win ‘Up North’, a perceived weakness to our previous title challenges. His importance to the team was epically summed up as he replaced the softer Abou Diaby on Saturday to assist the mullering of Wolves, a task which had, before his arrival, seemed troublesome.

Thomas ‘The Verminator’ Vermaelen arrived on the English scene with a small height and an even smaller reputation. Despite Tony Adams’ scornful remarks prior to The Verminator signing on the dotted line; ‘I think Thomas is a very good player but I don’t think he’s ready for the Arsenal. I don’t think the punters at Arsenal would like another small one,’ Arsène Wenger ignored his ex-skipper and signed the Belgian for an eventual fee of £11 million not-so-big ones. This comparatively puny fee has made Vermaelen’s arrival even more exciting, and if anyone still stands by the myth that money buys talent, how about comparing Vermaelen’s season with that of Joleon Lescott- enough said. Vermaelen’s presence has been refreshing. Coming up with 5 goals in a handful of early-season games including two absolute bobby-dazzlers is a good way to get the Arsenal faithful on your side. This coupled with his immense bravery, clear leadership abilities and tendency to bring out the best in William Gallas has made him certainly the League’s signing of the season and a definite candidate for Arsenal’s ‘Player of the First Few Months’.

My final nominee is Robin Van Persie. Now, the thing with Robin Van Persie is this. Everyone already knew he was a lethal striker. Everyone already knew he had an absolute dynamo of a left peg. And everyone already knew that he had a very funny accent, but all these have only been reaffirmed since he has apparently shaken off his injury demons (touch wood) and been able to single-handedly lead an Arsenal attack for the first time in his career. 8 goals is not incredible, but it is more than was expected from the man now being described by Ronald Koeman as Holland’s best player- this in a team comprising of Van Der Vaart, Wesley Sneijder and Arjen Robben. Arsène Wenger has allegedly challenged him to reach 25 goals this season, and if he does this, whilst eclipsing Adebayor’s output for the season, he will most certainly merit a knighthood.

(On hearing of Robin’s ankle injury last night, I think I can say for everyone that hopefully the injury is not as bad as it has been suggested (damaged ankle ligaments) and he’s back playing very soon)

So, these are my nominees, what about yours?


2 Responses to “Arsenal’s ‘Player of the First Few Months’ award goes to…”

  1. s hayes Says:

    Vermaelan or however u spell it.
    Those handful of goals put him up there

  2. Stanley Says:

    Youve only gone and done it again, another storming article.
    Can’t wait for another one,UP THE ARSE!

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